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The Vacation (a Bisexual Watersports Story)

RRP $17.99

Millie and Gabe just got engaged. As a way of celebration they choose to take a vacation to Bahamas. Of course they couldn't leave Dave behind. They had planned it all. But Millie has been a bad girl, wetting herself and humping a stranger on the plane. Hence, her men decide to punish her by keeping her without sex, which for a healthy twenty year old girl is more than a punishment. It's a disaster. Oh, but Millie has her own ideas about how this vacation should go so, although Gabe and Dave try to soften her with a big surprise, she chooses to cast her own sexual punishment.

A Guide To Youth Sports For Parents And Coaches

RRP $32.99

This guidebook is written by a youth sports coach for those adults who coach and participate in youth sports. Author Jason Kelly apprenticed under some of youth sports' top trainers and coaches, including AAU coaches and officials, US Soccer Federation trainers, and Olympic National Governing Organization captains, coaches, and athletes. He has been an active youth sports coach since 1994. His passionate belief that youth sports help to positively mold children has been the driving force behind his never-ending quest to become a better youth coach. Based on a framework Jason developed for coaching youth athletics, A Guide to Youth Sports for Parents and Coaches provides tools to ensure children receive the best possible sporting experience. Author Jason Kelly draws on nearly 20 years of hands-on experience as a coach, a professional instructor, a parent, and a student of the art and science of coaching. He has an Under-13 Coaching Certification from the U.S. Soccer Federation, an "A" Instructor's license from the International Sports Chanbara Federation, and was inducted into the Martial Arts Master's Hall of Fame. He holds black belts in karate, aiki-jujitsu, weaponry, kenjutsu, and tae kwon do.

Sports Culture

RRP $595.99

We live in a culture in which sports play an important role. The growth in broadcasting, merchandising, iconography and the commercialization of sports has led to an increasing interest in the emerging field of sports culture.
This book examines individual issues, people, artefacts, events and organizations in their historical, social and cultural contexts. Coverage is wide-ranging with more than 170 entries including:
Bosman Case
eating disorders
Fever Pitch
Field of Dreams
Michael Jordan
Don King
Raging Bull
The book also includes suggestions for further reading to help with further study, and a comprehensive index.


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